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Interesting note about innovation April 17, 2008

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I thought this was a great little blurb about innovation. It’s about how we should focus on how to use our existing tools in better and more creative ways rather than worry about coming up with the next ‘killer app’.
clipped from www.howardowens.com
A common complaint in the journalism world is that newspapers aren’t innovative enough.� The complaint usually goes something like, “Why didn’t a newspaper invent Google or Yahoo! or MySpace?” And then there is some finger pointing at executives for not funding R&D or being bold enough in their visions.
This “why didn’t we come up with the big idea” is one of the myths of innovation.
The problem with innovation in incumbent industries isn’t the lack of big ideas. It’s the failure to see the importance of little ideas, because they don’t point the way to immediate profits commiserate with current company values.
All innovation starts with taking a look at what tools and materials are available now and how they can be used differently. It involves finding a job to done and figuring out how to modify what’s already on the table.� Or it involves, “oh, I can use that thing differently and I bet this will help other people, too.”
That was true of the light bulb, the telegraph and YouTube.
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